feudodellareginaA sparkling white wine made from Glera DOCG grapes (prosecco) selected from the Asolani Hills.
Production area:

Vineyards Farra, Crocette, Maqua (locality Paderno del Grappa). Situated on the hills, exposed to cooling breezes.

About 180 m. a s.l.
Type of soil:

Clay and limestone composition.
Training system:

Plants per-hectare:

Harvest period:

Last ten days of September.
Wine Production method:

The grapes are selected, put in cases, then softly pressed. Selected yeasts are then added, followed by fermentation for 15 days at 18° C. The wine is then decanted and kept in heat controlled tanks until the sparkling process.
Sparkling process:

Further fermentation in an autoclave with selected yeasts at 16° C for 60 days.

30 days in bottles.

Sparkling, with a persistent yet delicate foam. Yellow straw colour with hints of green. An apple and ripe fruit bouquet with light almond and honey notes. A fresh, structured and balanced taste.
Best served with: Ideal as an aperitif or with fish starters. Asolani cuisine: Fried ceps with river prawns.
Serving temperature:

8° C
Technical details:

Alcohol: 11% vol. Acidity: 6 gilt Net extract: 17g/It Sugar: 15 gilt Pressure: 5 bar