A sparkling white wine made of Glera DOCG (prosecco) grapes from old and carefully selected vines of superior quality located in hills of Asolo.

Production zone:
Vineyard “Asolo 14 Settembre 2009” located in the higher part of the slopes with ideal ventilation, strong temperature fluctuations, low per-hectare yield.

About 250 m. a.s.l.

Type of soil:

Clay and limestone composition.

Training system:

Plants per hectare:

Harvest period:
Last ten days of September.

Wine production method:
The grapes are selected, put into cases, then softly pressed. After decanting and then standing for 20 hours at low temperature, selected yeasts are added to the wine. Fermentation lasts for around 15 days at 17°C; afterwards the wine is kept in temperature controlled tanks until the start of sparkling process.

Sparkling process:
Further fermentation in autoclave with selected yeasts at 16°C for 90 days.

30 days in the bottle.

Elegant perlage, exalting intense flavours of apple tree, elder and white wisteria.
Very dry taste, sapid and intense.

Best served with:
Excellent as aperitif.
Typical cuisine from Asolo: grilled white water fish (trout of the river ‘Lastego’)

Serving Temperature:
8° C

Technical data:
Alcohol: 11.5% vol.
Acidity: 5,8 g/lt.
Net extract: 18.4 g/lt.
Sugar: 5 g/lt.
Pressure: 5 bar