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The history of our company began in the 50s of the last Century, when our father Vittorio founded the business. He was a master in handing down the passion for his job, and we, his sons Mario and Antonio, have chosen to carry on the project that our father had created with sacrifices and satisfaction. Every day is a challenge, tradition is a value and innovation is the way that we have to follow. We have melted the past and the future in order to make our present great. We produce wine with avant-garde techniques, cultivating Asolo’s land as in the past. The respect for nature, biodynamic and innovation become one.


From 1996 to today, we have received many awards for our wines. Celeber, the newest one of Dal Bello, has been able to give us great satisfaction.

In 2015, with the first Prosecco Extra Brut Celeber, we won the silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles while in 2018 we won the bronze medal in the Glass of Bubbly in London.


Every day we work with passion on our project: producing excellent wines, respecting the land that gives us its fruits. This is how our excellent wines are born, as the first Extra Brut Celeber and Rosso Asolo.


Every day we go back over the old road to trace new paths, we are connected to the history of our places and our mission is to make the most of it. We cultivate the vine at the foot of Rocca d’ Asolo and the respect of nature is one of our values, that’ s the reason why we have created a sustainable path. To appreciate a wine it is important to know the land that gives it, for this reason we give the opportunity to stroll around the Asolani hills, where the green of meadows is mixed with the intense scent of vine leaves, the water gushes and the flavors of local products abound. This is our way to CELEBRATE the territory around us.

We believe in innovation, for this reason, after long research and experimentation Celeber was born: the first Extra Brut, our way of widening the horizons of the prosecco world.

The low amount of sugar, the savory flavor, the wisteria together with the apple tree mean that Celeber represents a new way of drinking. Celeber shows that we savor the taste of tradition but we also consider experimentation between our values ​​because research is the basis of our progress in the world of wine. We produce wine, we honor our land, and we bring the scent of Asolo into the glasses of those who appreciate a new way of drinking.