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Celebrating the first year of the Asolo Viticulture Path

The year 2024 marks the first anniversary of the Dal Bello’s Asolo Viticulture Path, an unmissable wine and food experience in the Asolani hills. This 1.5 km route passes through vineyards, olive groves and cherry orchards, immersing visitors in the history and traditions of the Dal Bello family, winemakers for three generations.

The guided tour starts with a walk through the vineyards, where experts share cultivation techniques and their passion for winemaking. We then admire the ancient Canevon dating back to 1906 and the historic Casa Dal Bello, symbols of the link with the Asolo area.

The highlight of the route is a tasting of the prestigious Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Frizzante “Rocca d’Asolo” and other selected wines, together with typical local products, offering an authentic sensory experience.

Available upon booking, the itinerary can also be customised and enjoyed in English. For further details and bookings, visit the official Dal Bello Vini website.

Experience an unforgettable adventure in the Asolo hills with Dal Bello!