Dal Bello wines come to life in the rich territory of Asolo: the Asolo hills are a place consecrated to the creation of high quality wines. Here the Prosecco is born, a wine which represents our hills and the Made in Italy.

The Asolo hills are located in the heart of the region Veneto, enclosed to the north by Monte Grappa, to the west by the Piave River and along the plain leading to Venice.
The mild and temperate weather of this territory helps the cultivation of vines, this area of excellence in wine production has been awarded DOCG Superiore
status back in 2009.

The peculiarity of the Asolo territory

The heterogeneity of crops – including grape varieties – distinguish the biodiversity of the Asolo territory closely linked as much to the climate as to the diversified composition of the soil.
This is the treasure that transforms a glass of Asolo Montello wine into a unique experience of taste and aroma.


the perfect habitat for the production of Prosecco

The weather in this area is suitable for the cultivation of vines. In addition there is also the presence of other crops such as olive or cherry trees, which help the creation of a biodiversity within our territory that enriches the wine produced by the vines of the Asolo-Montello area.
The hills of Asolo are the perfect habitat for the production of Prosecco: the Glera vine finds here an ideal home to grow up under the careful care of men.



Our production includes white grape and red grape varieties.
They both cover about 50 hectares and are divided into 6 villages within the Asolo Montello area that has our Dal Bello winery as its center. 


Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG

Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG is our spearhead wine, a wine from the hills of Asolo that carries within itself the work and passion of our family. 

1 – Fonte: Vigna delle Rose, Vigneto Pinot Nero Marcello
2 – Asolo: Vigneto 14 settembre 2009, Vigneti Sant’Anna, Vigneti Villa degli Armeni, Vigneti Gobet, Vigneto Virgilio
3 – Paderno del Grappa: Vigneti Maqua, Vigneti Farra, Vigneti Crocette
4 – Crespano del Grappa: Vigneti Caltran, Vigneti Pinot Grigio del Grappa
5 – San Zenone degli Ezzelini: Vigna Virginia, Vigneti Villa Rovero
6- Cavaso del Tomba: Vigneti Castelcies
7- Maser: Vigneti Via San Marco


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